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The Merchant Navy is the non-military, privately owned fleet of ships that is associated with the waterborne transportation of products, raw materials, passengers, etc.

As soon as the modern man learned to make the first floating vessel and started trading in goods, the Merchant Navy came into existence. The Merchant Navy accounts for up to 96% of the total trade that is conducted in the world today both in domestic and international waters along with various other activities.

It can be considered as the backbone of the modern day national and international trade that ferries cargo, passengers and other goods across the international and state waters. It can be considered as the lifeline of modern-day trading, and without it, the import-export business of the world would stop.

Smooth conduction of operations in the shipping industry requires exceptional managerial skills with specialized knowledge in the logistics and financial sector. The operation of a transportation network involves an array of technology that consists of the core ground level mechanical machinery to the highly sophisticated communication systems and equipment.

The Merchant Navy rose to the position that it is holding today in the world all because it employs highly skilled and disciplined professionals holding proper credentials and licensing. They are associated with the proper maintenance and operation of the ships and cargo vessels, and job opportunities are available to the interested individuals who have a knack and stomach for the high seas.


The life of a seafarer aboard a ship is a unique and unforgettable experience that is hard to compare with a desk job here on land.

Very few jobs in the world offer the chance to see the world along with all of its exotic beauty and views. It should also be considered that this life has some of its problems associated with it.

People who have a weak stomach could get seasick on board, and a career in the Merchant Navy probably isn’t a good idea. Candidates with a composed and calm persona, capable of handling tough or challenging situations with ease are desired profiles in the Merchant Navy.

Working conditions could range from engine failure to unpredictable weather and severe engine failure. On the other hand, each shift could range from anywhere between 8 – 14 hours a   day along with irregularities in the routines in the shift. The ideal profile of a seafarer should have strong emotional stability. He should be capable of enduring extended periods of confinement, working and staying in small spaces, isolated from outside world communication, away from friends, family or loved ones.

It is of utmost importance to clear out some of the doubts and uncertainties related to the life on-board by shedding light on the following aspects:

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