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Students Abidance

Students Abidance

  1. I sincerely declare that I have been well informed by the counselor about the courses offered by Westline Group. I chose the course of my own will and with the full consent of my parent/guarantor/guardian. I fully understand the nature of the training, job opportunities that are available in the Maritime industry.­


  1. I am aware that if payment of the fees for the program paid via bank loan by me, I alone would be responsible for the repercussions in case the loan fails. Wesline Group will not be responsible for the cancellation or delay of the said program & the amount deposited whether partly or whole is non-transferable & non-refundable in any case & will not be entitled to any indemnity.


  1. I am aware that selection is applicable after qualifying B.E. / Diploma/ 10+2 / 10th examination with recommended marks followed by qualifying the CET conducted by the authorities. Failure in securing prescribed percentage will render my selection process null and void along with no refunds of the fees paid.


  1. I am informed that payment of fees needs to be made in full before taking admission in any discipline handed out by Westline Group. Delay in payment will result in losing my credibility and priority at for the selection process.


  1. I am well informed that Westline Group reserves the right to reject me as a candidate at any point of time by presenting an applicable/valid reason. In case, the company denies me before my training program commences, the fees paid by me will be refunded after deducting the expenses carried out by the enterprise.


  1. After the completion of all the formalities during admission, Westline Group reserves the right to decide the best possible course and academy as per the availability of seats. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. If I choose to back out of the course due to medical reasons, the amount paid as fees for the course is nonrefundable.


  1. I am fully aware that if I am found medically unfit for the course or my behavior is found inappropriate as per the guidelines laid out by Westline, hostel, or by the institute, I will be removed/dismissed from the academy/institute. I will be barred for future readmission to the Merchant Navy, and Westline Group will not be responsible for the consequences faced by me.


  1. The Academy/Institute & Westline Group will not be responsible for any accidental injury suffered by me during practical training sessions while out in the sea. Westline Group will not be responsible for providing any compensation to the family of a candidate in case the same die in action.


  1. I am aware of the risks involved in the job while out in the sea.


  1. I stand firmly by my words that I am not lured, coaxed or coerced into joining the Merchant Navy.


  1. I confirm that I have been provided with the details associated with the job along with the scope of training.


  1. I confirm that I had been informed that the academy would assist and aid me to apply for mandatory onboard training and Seaman’s book (CDC).


  1. I agree that I have to pay for the costs related to deposit/course fee for onboard training and the application of Seaman’s book.


  1. I and my mother /father/Guardian/Guarantor agree that we are provided with details regarding the fees structure. We acknowledge that the fee structure includes: Insurance, Caution deposit & any other charges required for my onboard training & course.


  1. I agree to pay the fees in full along with other expenses asked by the institute at any given point of time.


  1. It is made clear to me that the course is a residential one and the fee structure includes the costing for accommodation also.


  1. I solemnly swear to maintain the rules & regulations of the vessel while on the sea and while on the campus of the institution.


  1. It is made clear by the counselor that uses of alcoholic drinks, recreational drugs, and other illegal substances while on board the training vessel, or in the hostel/institution is illegal. The use of mobile phone is partially prohibited, and violation of the same will result in me being dishonorably discharged.


  1. I agree to the terms that if I fail to pay the fees set by the government and the institution that includes all taxes will forfeit my admission to the institution.


  1. I along with my parents/guarantor/guardian at this moment declare that all of the documents presented by us are genuine. If any of the certificates provided by me is found to be fake in the future, Westline Group cannot be held responsible for the damage caused.


  1. I assure that I am not suffering from any chronic disease like migraines, epilepsy or any physical/mental disorders. I also give my word that my parents/guarantor/guardian will not hold the institution or Westline Group responsible if I rejected from future assignments due to some ailment of the body or mind.


  1. I confirm that the medical certificate submitted by me, briefly explains the past medical history including illnesses, accidents, operations, and details related to allergies to certain drug or group of medications.


  1. I along with my guardian/guarantor/parent agree with the fact that personal insurance is the responsibility of the candidate himself. In case of injuries sustained by an applicant, the institution/Westline Group cannot be held responsible, and they are not liable to pay compensation to either the candidate or their family. Payment of Insurance is at the discretion of the concerned Insurance Company covering the candidate as per their set regulations and rules.


  1. I agree with the fact that any other cost other than the initial training fees for the course shall be carried over from my end.
  2. I agree that the National CDC will be collected by as per program schedule & module. I have to clear the required examinations to obtain the COC. I will be personally responsible for my Passport before I join the training for the course and I shall bear the respective cost. I am also evident about the fact that my training for the off-board/onboard program is subject to the submission of my passport.


  1. I am aware of the fact that after the completion of my training a minimum of 120 days will be required to obtain the National CDC. In case there is an instance of further delay, I will wait patiently and will no ask for any monetary compensation from Westline Group.


  1. I understand that the higher authority issues CDC. Therefore, I cannot and will not pressurize Westline Group in case my CDC issuance is delayed.


  1. I have to wait patiently for my on-board training after I receive my CDC. I am also aware that the placement decided by the higher authorities at Westline Group that solely depends on the situation of the market, variation & condition, In some cases, I may even need to wait for 120 – 180 days and wait for the executives at Wesline Group to do their job. In case there is a delay, and I want to join another course to utilize my time, I at this moment agree to the term that I will be bearing the extra charges that follow.


  1. I at this moment declare that in the future will not write, publish or speak any derogatory, defaming, false or baseless remarks against Westline Group or the training institution in any print, online or tabloid media including social networking sites.


  1. I am aware that if I am unable to continue my assignments designated to me during the off-board/onboard training program for any reason, I won’t be entitled to restitution/reparation.


  1. I understand the fact that Westline Group won’t entertain claims for fees under any circumstance.


  1. I at this moment give my word that I will not join any other institution, program, or training institute without the written permission from the officials at Westline Group.


  1. I at this moment declare that I have no complaints against Westline Group or the training academy and will not take any legal action against the same in the future through Mediation, Arbitration,


  1. For all disputes and matters of the law, the jurisdiction for the same remains confined within the city limits of Ahmedabad (Gujarat) where the headquarters of the company is situated.
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