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  • Established in the year 2014, WESTLINE GROUP has evolved and expanded its operations to a range of businesses. The company is now a Port Agency and Logistical Services provider to the Oil, Chemical and Dry Fleet owners. Presently, the WESTLINE GROUP ranks among the leading port agencies in India. The strong fundamentals of offering a wide spectrum of a SINGLE STOP service for all the associated activities. These include:

    • Customs
    • CHA
    • Technical
    • Legal
    • Travel

  • Other than these, the company has an in-house team that is equipped and experienced to cater to almost every requirement from the Port related services. Today they are associated with esteemed principals in India and aboard. It is the association with their partners that has fuelled their growth story.

  • Our Company is based in Gujarat and the head office is responsible for handling all the monetary transactions and offer services as General Agents, Owner’s Protective Agents, Charterers Agents, etc. The core operations within the company are managed by a well-qualified and experienced team of professionals who have been a part of the shipping industry. The team also comprises of individuals who are well-versed with Taxation and customs laws clubbed with an experience to offer guidance and solution as a part of their comprehensive services to Master Mariners and Technical Superintendents.

  • WESTLINE GROUP has its own network offices spread across all the major Indian Ports. Each of these offices is managed by well-experienced professionals and does not include any sub-Agents as intermediaries. To increase the trust worthiness and ensure that that the company abides by the global quality standards, they have are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Port Agency.

  • Presently, the company handles about 30% of the sea traffic annually from the major Indian Ports. In order to assess the efficiency levels, the company pays high importance to the feedbacks gathered from Master and Owner of each vessel. A dedicated team is appointed to investigate any flaws or lapses if reported from the customers. They are also equipped with a well-devised standard of corrective measures for avoiding any recurrences of same lapses in the future.

Why Us

  •  Dedicated offices at all major Indian Ports (No Sub-agents involved)

  •  Registered Port Agents at all the major Indian Ports & Customs Offices

  •  Head Office operates around the clock and 7 days a week

  •  Offers Port Captaincy Services to help Masters or Owners on Cargo or Vessel Operations that includes OSC issues too

  •  End-to-end customer service on board by dedicated representatives from start to finish of the cargo operations.

  •  Qualified professionals to guide masters to handle documentation, customs and PSC authorities

  •  Dedicated mobile phones to the Masters for free during the period the vessel stays at the port

  •  In-house customs/Technical/Taxation/Legal departments to offer spot solutions

  •  Immediate refund to the Owners

Quality Is Our Priority

In order to secure a complete satisfaction from the customers, we offer a comprehensive set of services marked by an all-round performance. The services not only meet the expectations but keep the focus on the customers to ensure 100% commitment is offered at every level. All these are offered by complying with the norms of ISO 9001:2008 standards. Our dedicated team also takes care of abiding by the rules and regulations as prepared by the government, marine and port administrations along with all the concerned governing authorities.

WESTLINE GROUP is a service oriented organization that endeavours to attain customer satisfaction beyond expectations. Additionally, the urge to offer performance that is UNIQUE and goes beyond the expected protocols of operations is one of our primary concerns. This is where our personalized and customized services that are coupled with value added services play the most important role. The only criteria of offering quality services to our customers are to protect and balance the interests of the concerned individuals of the vessel or cargo. Minimizing the costs and setting new yardsticks is one area that has made us a trend setter adding a new dimension to the Port Agency business.

Core Strengths

The core strengths of our business lie in the belief that all the associated services are offered under a single UMBRELLA through the in-house cells. The pillars of the comprehensive set of services are:

  • Technical, Legal
  • Customs
  • CHA
  • Taxation
  • Travel

WESTLINE GROUP is a young organization that has seen growth in a very short period of time. We are grateful and have the deepest gratitude as well as heartful thanks to the associates across the globe that has shown trust and confidence on us.

We put professionalism 1st and back it with the required expertise through the young and motivated team of professionals who are supervised by highly experienced Team Leaders. Most of these supervisors have been Masters or Marine Engineers who endeavour to achieved the expected standards. We also have a strong quality control that keeps the team’s performance under the scanner with a constant review system from time to time to ensure the proposed targets are achieved on time. The entire team of professionals are provided with the necessary guidance and training for maintaining consistency as per the prescribed standards for performance.