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  • Handling chemicals, petroleum, iron ore, fertilizers, food grains, vegetable oils, general cargo, naval and demolition vessels.
  • Handling of husbandry matters that include clearances from the Port Health and Immigration Authorities, bunkering, chandelling, clearance, fresh water supplies, delivery, dispatch, marine machinery, spares, clearance, etc.
  • 24×7 operations and support
  • Specialized handling of conversion of vessel status from coastal run to foreign and vice-versa
  • Smooth and streamlined handling of freight tax procedures for exports
  • Strong tie-up with local administration and healthy relationships among the branch staffs maintaining excellent relationship with Customs, Port, Terminal, Immigration authorities, Income Tax and other associated parties responsible for handling or resolving all sorts of complicated issues
  • Stringent quality checks and as per the certification of ISO 9001:2008 for both inward and outward communications managed from the Head Office of the company
  • Multiple channels of communication which includes online support, emails, telephonic support, etc.
  • Timely reporting for vessels and cargo related activities to facilitate quick turnaround for the services offered
  • Competitive PDA at par with the industry standards to maintain the best quality of services
  • Close monitoring also makes sure costs are reduced during the stay of the vessels at the port

Endeavour to offer affordable services with costs usually below the PDA amounts as approved by the vessel owners

Value Added Services

  • Branch offices equipped with the latest communication systems and VHF facility
  • Free mobile connection to each vessel during the stay at the port to facilitate smoother communication between the concerned parties
  • Procuring vessel acceptance from the Port Authorities
  • Offering port captaincy services for a smoother cargo discharge and loading for achieving a quick turnaround of the vessels
  • Assistance and co-ordination for Port State Control Inspection and the P&I club matters
  • Procuring charter permission as well as voyage licenses for the foreign flag vessels from the Director General of Shipping in Mumbai
  • Representing clients at customs show cause notices, appeals, summons, hearings and other disputes related to duty payments, penalties or cargo losses at the Professional Customs Department
  • Offering legal assistance to the Charterers and vessel owners as required for shipping related disputes across India
  • Managing business meetings with Indian importers and exporters, vessel owners, port/customs/tax authorities, etc.
  • Maintaining regular operations at all the Indian Ports
  • Circulation of reports related to Port and other developments along with the latest scenario of the Oil and other commodities around India
  • Providing Data Bank for Imports and exports that are handled at all the major Indian Ports
  • Offering a database for vital shipping information related to all the Indian ports
  • A dedicated design of Indian maps showing the liquid cargo handling infrastructure along with information related to handling of Ship management services across the Indian ports

Our company also offers the services of OPA where the owners appoint their trusted agents for protecting the owner’s interest and handling different kinds of husbandry services. The owner needs to pay a nominal fee and all other reimbursement expenses for the husbandry services. Our OPA services also help the customers to handle funds, disbursements, costs, services of CAN or OAA and other reports needed by the owners.

The OPA team also handles matters such as PSC, Port Health, Immigration departments, customs, Port, etc. Some of the dedicated services include:

  • Delivery of CTMs
  • Clearance and delivery of crew mail, spares, etc.
  • Supply of Luboil, Bunkers, Provisions & stores, fresh water, etc.
  • Crew changes, hotel bookings, ticketing, etc.
  • Removing or disposing oil residues, garbage, wastes, as per the state regulations
  • As a part of its technical services the company offers repairs, marine equipment, underwater inspection, dry docking, etc.
  • Both Vessel on and off hire survey co-ordination, importation, conversion, charter permission, coastal license and reversion
  • Appointing cargo surveyors
  • Attending customs, cargo loss claims, taxation summons, etc.

An owner appoints his agents when provided in the charter party terms. The fees of the agents are borne by the owner and the services offered here include:

  • Obtaining Customs’ clearances
  • Endeavouring quick turn-round of vessel
  • Providing updates on vessel operations
  • Handling owner’s funds & submitting an account of Port/Customs

In accordance with the option, if it is provided in the terms of charter party, the charterer can nominated the preferred agent. All fees related to the agent’s services have to be borne by the owner. The services offered under this segment include:

  • Obtaining Customs’ clearances
  • Offering updates on cargo or vessel status
  • Documentation
  • Taxation formalities
  • Obtaining charter permission
  • Co-ordination with owners, Terminals, Surveyors, etc.