Crew Management

Crew Management

West line Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. provides experienced and qualified Officers and crew for all types and sizes of ships to suit each Client’s needs. Our philosophy is to provide the best crew members who embrace wholeheartedly our company’s spirit of teamwork and dedication to excellence, ensuring the operational efficiency of the ship. All the services we offer are implemented with a high degree of professionalism, careful follow-up through regular ship visits and close communication with our Clients to confirm that company standards are being achieved.

Crew management, including: crew planning, crew processing, database management, follow-up cases, crew accounting, payroll and allotments and crew travel.
Screening and processing of crew, based on each client’s needs and goals.

We emphasize technical knowledge, expertise, leadership, and the ability to take the initiative. The first two characteristics ensure our crew members are highly adept in running and maintaining vessels over long voyages. The latter two make sure they are well-equipped to deal with contingencies and emergencies should they arise.

We work closely with our clients, and can accommodate customized crewing where needed. We work with crews from over the world with the majority being Indians.

All our crew members undergo training and evaluation to ensure full preparation and compliance with Health and Safety standards.

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