○ Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and regulatory controls
○ Preserving and protecting natural resources
○ Preventing any kind of pollution
○ Reducing the impact resulting from Company activities on the environment
○ Encouraging respect and responsibility from all employees towards the environment
○ Joining efforts with local society and other international and national organisations for protection of the world’s environment


○ Strictly prohibiting employees to carry out duties whilst impaired by alcohol or any illegal or non-prescribed drug
○ Dismissing any employee found to be breaking these Company rules


○ Ensuring ethical conduct in business practice
○ Promoting honesty, integrity and fairness in business
○ Protecting all employees and the Company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly


○ Preventing, detecting and reporting bribery
○ Full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to Corruption and Anti-Bribery legislation
○ Maintaining a ‘zero-tolerance’ stance towards any form of bribery
○ Enforcing disciplinary action and/or dismissing any employee that breaches the Company’s Anti-Bribery Policies and/or procedures

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