“WEST LINE SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD.” is the realization of collective dreams, in 2014, eminent professionals from the maritime fraternity determined to pool together resources, expertise and long board-based maritime experience to establish a ship management company in response to severe manpower shortage and offering them a proper guidance facing the shipping industry world wide. With the above view and object WEST LINE SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD., tied-up with different Maritime organization & shipping companies. Today’s seafarer must be honed in his skills in an increasingly complex and commercial shipping environment. The IMO, ISO, ISM and STCW regulations underline quality training and certification of sea personnel for safer ships. The advent of shipboard automation, electronics and satellites has resulted in the demand for personal of high caliber to man modern ships – a demand far outpacing supply.

West Line ship Management Pvt. Ltd are offered by technical staff that have decades of experience between them. We offer customised maintenance and repair for a variety of vessels, and pride ourselves on our individualised attention to each job. We believe in cultivating a relationship based on transparency…

Ship-owners' requirements.
Design requirements.
Flag state and class requirements.
Chartrer's requirements
International Safety Management Code

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West line Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. provides experienced and qualified Officers and crew for all types and sizes of ships to suit each Client’s needs. Our philosophy is to provide the best crew members who embrace wholeheartedly our company’s spirit of teamwork and dedication to excellence, ensuring the operational efficiency..

Crew management, including: crew planning, crew processing, database management, follow-up cases, crew accounting, payroll and allotments and crew travel.
Screening and processing of crew, based on each client’s needs and goals.

We emphasize technical knowledge, expertise, leadership, and the ability to take the initiative. The first two characteristics ensure our crew members are highly adept in running and maintaining vessels over long voyages. The latter two make sure they are well-equipped to deal with contingencies and emergencies should they arise.

We work closely with our clients, and can accommodate customized crewing where needed. We work with crews from over the world with the majority being Indians.

All our crew members undergo training and evaluation to ensure full preparation and compliance with Health and Safety standards.


◦ 24/7 operations and commercial management.
◦ Total Commercial solution in the best interests of owners and shippers/ charterers.
◦ Large Service network within India, Asia, Middle East and Europe.
◦ Reliability and excellence in dedicated service.
◦ Owner centric policies to Ensures a win-win situation for all associates.
◦ Team Lead by entrepreneur of industry repute.

Our Services

The commercial management team undertakes the following services for the clients:
◦ Proposing viable business plans for owners.
◦ Tax advice for cabotage and foreign trade.
◦ Assist participation in the Tonnage tax scheme.
◦ Pre – fixture, including the negotiation of charter parties.
Voyage estimates and monitoring.
◦ Appointment and engagement with agents on behalf of principals.
◦ Bunker Purchase and other related services on behalf of owners.
◦ Complete commercial operation of vessels.
◦ Lay time calculation and hire / off hire statements.
◦ Calculation and Collection of freight on behalf of the owners.
◦ Post fixtures monitoring and closures.
◦ Final closure of voyage accounts.
◦ Management of charter party disputes.
◦ Advice on P&I Clubs and help secure insurance.

WEST LINE aspires to continuously improve their services and provide a towering level of excellence and satisfaction to all their customers.

For further information on our services, please email: crew@westlineshipping.in


○ Marine consultancy
○ Pre-purchase inspections
○ Project Management
○ Dry docking
○ Purchase and spares supply
○ Shore based training
○ Supervision and port captaincy
○ ISPS consultancy
○ Provision Supply

We, West Line Ship Management Pvt LTD Provide well experienced crew and officer’s team to complete one stop solution to vessels heading on their final voyages for Demolition from any location across the Ship dismantling and recycling is by definition an environmentally friendly activity contributing to sustainable development by reducing pressure on the quality and quantity of natural resources. Any size or type of vessel can be recycled and West Line also assists in stream lining banking formalities for the sale and purchase of any scrap vessel.

West Line employs a combination of afloat & landing dismantling methodology, with on land cutting taking place on concrete impermeable floor with appropriate drainage and underground effluent collection.

West Line Ship Management Pvt Ltd is always on the lookout for bright and ambitious sailors!

The talent and passion of our sailors is critical to our success. At WEST-LINE we emphasize on the work culture of our floating staff. WEST-LINE looks in their floating staff the capability to be leaders with positive attitude. Together, we share a common set of values rooted in integrity and excellence.

WEST-LINE believes that our talented and devoted sailors give us tremendous advantage. To achieve this, we have in place rigorous selection and recruitment procedures with continuous focus on training and development. WEST-LINE provides a superior foundation for building a successful seafaring career – a place for our sailors to learn, to achieve and to grow. At WEST-LINE, the sailors share a sense of pride that runs throughout our company. Pride in our continued leadership in ship management and manning, and pride in working with the best on board.

WEST-LINE gives their employees opportunity to have diversified experience of working on Bulk Carriers, Petroleum Tankers, Chemical Tankers and various other types of ships, including Cruise Vessels. WEST-LINE offers good carrier opportunities with fast promotions and facilities for the floating staff to call their family to sail on the ships. Company Guest Houses are also available in Mumbai & New Delhi for outstation officers.


At West Line Ship Management Pvt Ltd we strive for Operational Excellence. We welcome seafarers onboard our vessels and staff ashore who share our core values, aspirations and will work enthusiastically as a team to deliver high quality ship management services.

We provide excellent career development and promotional prospects to the right candidates. If you have what it takes to be part of our team, we invite you to forward your to us.



We are looking for personnel who are willing to maintain our high standard of operations both on board and in our offices. We offer excellent training in the maritime industry, combined with attractive benefits and promotion opportunities.

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The offshore market requires specialized personnel to work onboard some of the most sophisticated ships. West Line Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. is always on the lookout for qualified and competent offshore seafarers and project personnel. Please get in touch with us and submit an application or select a job that suits your career ambitions.

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what people say about us


“Thanks everyone for your assistance in dealing with these last minute arrangements. It is never easy when Owners give us a new schedule with 6 hours notice. The positive side is that it has been accomplished in spite of all hurdles, which means there is a good team in place.”

CEO,Marinos Maritime Services SA

“We sincerely appreciate your providing us with a Master at short notice when we had an absolute emergency on our vessel .we were able to onboard him in very short notice well done West Line Really Appreciate your Team. “


“Really Appreciate The Work Done By West Line Ship Management we were not able to get the ratings in week end and they have done a really good job they send a set of ratings in very short period Well Done West Line.”


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